One of the long term goals of Water Pressures is to partner with college campus worldwide to help spread awareness and inspire action from our world's future leaders.  Screenings of "Water Pressures: A Documentary" followed by discussion sessions with the filmmakers and special guests have been very successful at many of the world's top educational institutions.  

Our goal is the empower 15-35 year olds to be future water leaders.  Through Water Pressures, we encourage them to learn about water issues, take local actions, and document them through short videos and blogs to post on  Please work with your local public tv stations to arrange screenings of Water Pressures.



Step 1: Get Students Onboard


  • Create public TV partnerships with local educational institutions.

  • Work with your school (high school or college) to partner with your local public TV station to screen the Water Pressures documentary.  

Step 2: Participation


  • Decide to take action on a local water issue.  

Step 3: Create a Video or Blog

  • Document your water actions through videos and blog posts on

  • Share your video with the world!

Step 4: Integrate into Water Pressures Project


  • Begin building the college/tv partnerships.

Questions?  Comments?  Contact Water Pressures: