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Now you can watch the Water Pressures documentary film at cultureunplugged.com.  The documentary is featured as part of the

Green Unplugged film fest.  


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A few words from actor/environmentalist Adrian Grenier.

Narrator Adrian Grenier talked a bit about "Water Pressures" with Adam Schubak of United Stations.

What they're saying about Water Pressures

Below are some of the things our wonderful Facebook and Twitter community had to say about the documentary.

"I liked the Water Pressures documentary very much. it showed many sides of the importance of water. And only wishing others would apply this to water in our area..and the world.  We here in WISCONSIN are really following Idle No More, Wisconsin. Trying to protect the water from contamination form Mining."

"As an instructor at Sonoma State Univ. here in California, I was fascinated by your film about students and water in India. "

"The documentary is great!  I love how it shows the American and India perspective.  Our school is in a suburb of Chicago-Riverside, IL, so this is especially meaningful for students."

"We run a conservation program for underserved high school students in Lake County, IL.  The program focuses on water resources, issues, evaluation, etc.  I saw this on WTTW a few weeks ago and think it would be very helpful for our students."

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Our goal is the empower 15-35 year olds to be future water leaders.  Through Water Pressures, we encourage them to learn about water issues, take local actions, and document them through short videos and blogs to post on Waterpressures.org.  Please work with your local public tv stations to arrange screenings of Water Pressures.


These students took their passion and a camera and created these exciting and informative videos about a water issue that is important to them.

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