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Joshua GreenDigital Marketing Manager
Client: TF Bank

Marketing channels: Paid Social, Google Ads
marketing strategy, campaign management
Markets: Germany
Industry: banking

About The Client


TF Bank is an Internet-based bank that offers consumer banking services through its proprietary IT platform with a high degree of automation. TF Bank brings flexible, secure services so that anyone can live on the go!


The Background

By the time we launched the new “broad strategy” on Google, the paid search campaigns were working quite well, helping us to get new credit card applications. However, in Q4 of 2022, we needed to show substantial growth in credit card applications while maintaining efficiency at a certain level.

The Challenge


Our goal was to maintain a continuous, monthly growth of credit card applications.

The main challenges were:


  • Industry – the search auction is quite competitive and occupied not only by other banks, which offer credit cards but also affiliate/comparison portals  
  • Pandemic times – the general search volume for queries related to credit cards is on a declining trend. The drop was visible especially when the pandemic started.

Services provided:


  • Consulting on marketing strategies for Paid Social activities in the German target market
  • Managing Google Ads campaigns
  • Preparing comprehensive campaign reporting



The first solution was to make sure that we have a solid account structure that segments the traffic into different pillars and addresses different stages of the purchase funnel – upper, middle, and lower. We know that some of the queries may fall into the “research” pool, whilst the other ones contribute to direct conversions.

These segments can also have completely different efficiency, therefore we knew that having well-structured campaigns allowed us to control better the performance based on the bucket that the keyword belongs to. The biggest impact however we observed when switching to broad keyword targeting. Instead of relying on the exact and phrase match, step by step we have put more investment behind the broad match. This approach helped us to capture a lot of long-tail traffic, which we previously have not intended to target. It also made it more efficient to bid on a lot of high-interest, short-tail keywords, which previously were one of the most expensive targetings in the account. 


Here are the results


  • 170% of YoY growth in received credit card applications originating from Google Ads (March 2022 to March 2021)
  • Average of 10% monthly increase in volume since the start of 2021


The TF Bank’s Project Team

Natalia Więch

Senior Social Media Specialist

Jakub Pobiega

Growth Hacking Specialist

Agnieszka Remblewska

Online Marketing Specialist

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